What I Use to Stop Hair Loss

What I Use to Stop Hair Loss. Here is my anti hair loss arsenal.

Hi. I am Ian, a doctor with hair loss problems. Did you think we haven’t that problem? Well, it is a mixture between genetics and stress, tons of stress. I had this issue since like forever, but it became more acute when I’ve finished medical school. So I started to look for solutions. I did a lot of research and some paths were somehow clear: minoxidil, ketoconazole, laser therapy, supplements, caffeine shampoos, hair fibers and also hair transplant. What to choose?

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Well, I did find what I like to call “the perfect anti hair loss arsenal”. Let’s see what it contains.

  1. HairMax LaserComb Pro 12. 15 minutes per day, every second day, I put this lasercomb on every area of the scalp, like 4-5 seconds. The hair grows thicker and stronger, that’s for sure.
  2. Rogaine Minoxidil Foam. Yeah, I had to use this, since the hair was not in a good condition and my mind was going nuts. I apply the foam two times per day, every day. From month two, Rogaine started to do miracles: my hair was fuller and new hairs started to grow. Pretty awesome.
  3. Alpecin Shampoo is rich in caffeine and somehow lets the hair in a beautiful shape. I use a C1 shampoo and also a combo product for dandruff, since Rogaine is known to produce dandruff.
  4. A FitBit Charge HR. You can laugh, but this sports band helped me improve my overall shape and mood, so it did help my hair, too.
  5. Hair Growth Vitamins Supplement every day, rich in biotin and more than 27 active ingredients, all natural.

This is my anti hair loss program and it works amazingly well. I recommend you the same strategy, it is effective and you’ll be another person. Please note that you have to be patient, since minoxidil starts to work after a month of so. Buy minoxidil supplies for 6 months, it is cheaper.

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